• Chris Gadson

Must Have Tips to Retool Your Marketing Strategy

Your business has been thriving for a while, then you hit the inevitable wall. The phones stop ringing. Your orders have slowed to a crawl.

Now you find yourself standing behind the counter desperately waiting for something to happen.

Fortunately, there are ways to get past this rut. It just requires unconventional marketing methods.

Don’t Doubt Your Product

Slow seasons test the fortitude of any business owner.

It's easy to wonder what happened or think that you’re doing something wrong.

However, peaks and valleys that you’re experiencing may not have anything to do with you per se.

Perhaps there has been a new trend emerging that’s led your customers away. Maybe new competitors have moved into your territory.

Whatever the justification is, the fact remains that you still have a good product.

Keep believing in it.

You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and work hard to reach your target market.

Connect With Customers

I’ve said this a lot because I’m a big proponent of it: You’ve got to connect with your customers.

If you're unsure of what I mean, here’s my last post on it.

Connecting with your customers should be you #1 priority in your marketing strategy.

Put yourself in their shoes. Why should they come to you for your product or service?

How can you benefit them?

The key is to make customers feel like they are a part of an exclusive club. Your product gives them access to something the rest of the public knows nothing about.

Form an Online Content Writing Strategy

Your online content is your way of keeping current customers up to date with your brand. It also reminds them that you’re thinking of them and you’re still here to address their concerns.

With that said, what kind of online content should you be writing?

The short answer is that it’s completely up to you and what works for your brand.

Your online content writing strategy can include:

  • Your social media presence

  • Company Newsletters

  • Emai marketing campaigns

  • And so much more.

You can either go with one of these strategies or use a combination of them. It depends on your target audience and how you want to market to them.

Consider Help From the Outside

If you’re like many business owners, you may not have the time to come up with an online content writing strategy. This is especially true when you’re trying to overhaul your marketing plan.

If you don’t have anyone in-house that can handle these responsibilities or if the thought of doing it yourself makes you break out in hives, there are benefits to working with a freelancer that can help you get things moving.

While you communicate your vision to them, they can get down in the details and provide high-quality content, taking the pressure off of you.

You’re here to make life easier for your customers. Working with a freelancer allows you to communicate your marketing vision so that you can focus on other areas.

The days of sending out flyers and cold-calling as a primary means to get people in the door are long gone.

Getting new customers, and keeping older ones takes thorough planning, confidence in your product, and making connections.

You can break out of the slump. It will require a shift in your perspective so that you can consider new ideas.

Email us today if you’re looking for a place to start!

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