• Chris Gadson

The Keys to Finding the Best Freelance Writer

Every business (even yours) can benefit from outsourcing to a freelance writer.

When you hire the right one, they save you your most valuable resources: time and money.

But before you do, there are some questions you have to answer to make sure that the partnership will be the right fit for everyone.

How do you benefit?

The most important question to ask yourself is how your business would benefit from hiring a freelancer in the first place.

If you're burned out from pumping out writing content or if you aren't able to deliver your message to your customers in the way that you would like, hiring a freelance writer solves this problem for you.

You can share your topic ideas with them and have them write content that converts into buyers.

They can tell your story in a way that hooks your customers and connects them to your brand.

You can get back several hours weekly and re-purpose them for other business areas.

Who doesn't love getting the back time, right?

Knowing you've hired a freelance writer you can trust gives you one less thing to manage daily.

Get a feel for their body of work so that way you know that you're putting your content writing in the right hands, or you'll be back to square one.

Do They Have a Portfolio?

We've all been guilty of telling others that we can do something, but we don't have the body of work to back it up.

When looking for a writer, having a portfolio is a MUST.

By looking through their writing portfolio, you can get a sense of their

  • Writing Skills

  • Style

  • Areas of expertise

  • Ability to translate complicated information

  • And Credibility

Without a portfolio, it's a shot in the dark. While they may have a great personality, having actual work is a crucial indicator of how well they will fit into your content strategy.

Do They Know Your Audience?

Again, this goes back to having a portfolio.

But if you come across a freelancer, you have a good feeling about but don't have a portfolio, you can have them submit a sample piece on a topic related to your business.

Do you want to test their healthcare knowledge? Have them write a sample piece on the effects of long-term social media use on the brain.

Want to see how well they understand marketing? Assign an article on anticipated marketing trends for next quarter.

See if they can take the topic and make it resonate with you.

If it hits the mark with you, your customers will be impressed also.

What's The Payoff?

Alright, now for the "touchy" stuff.

Many businesses have let prices stop them from getting the content they need, but that doesn't have to happen to you.

It's an investment. But when you hire the RIGHT freelancer, it's worth it.

Think of it this way: it's much cheaper to outsource to a freelance writer than

  • Post a job

  • Go through an endless stream of candidates.

  • Interview those candidates

  • Hire someone

  • Pay a salary and Benefits.

  • & Hope you can retain them!

Did you get stressed out during that section?


When you are considering a freelancer or when you start to think they might be too expensive,

Think about the factors above.

Your ROI is much better compared to going through all of those things.

Do you need help with your content writing?

Please email me at chriscreativecontent@gmail.com and tell me about your ideas.

Let's create something great and bring your ideas to life!

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