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How Can I Define My Marketing Strategy?

I'm sure that just the mention of the word "marketing" sends you into a panic. For the longest time, I felt that way too. Its easy to get an idea to start a business, but then...you have to find a way to tell people about it.

From what I've learned, it doesn't have to be as overwhelming and some "gurus" make it out to be.

It's about creating a clear strategy and sticking to it to get the results that you need.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Part of your marketing strategy is defining your target audience. Now, this is another one of those buzzy terms that sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is.

Your target audience is exactly what is sounds like, the people that you're targeting your product and services to. In a nutshell, they are the people that need what you have and the people that you're trying to talk to.

Your target audience has to be specific if your marketing campaigns are going to have any results.

For example, are you trying to reach a certain age bracket? Ethnic group? Gender? Better yet, are you trying to reach out to local customers or a national audience.

Answering these questions for your marketing strategy depends on your line of businesss.

Tailoring Your Message

Answering your questions of who your target audience is helps you picture your ideal customer. Now, you’ve got to do the work of creating a tailor-made message just for them.

Think of it this way: Don’t you hate one size fits all clothing? I do.

Why? Because although it’s made to fit “everyone”,doesn‘t take my unique needs into account. For example, I have a short torso, but long extremities. So I can’t buy a one-size-fits-all suit jacket. It’s an uncomfortable fit because the arms may not be long enough and it may bunch in the front, or the arms might be too long and the torso may be too bulky.

The point is, I have to buy what FITS my needs. I need to have the jacket tailored to suit me.

This is what your marketing strategy must do for your target audience.

Stay Consistent

I would be lying if I said that you would never be tempted to change your strategy. While there are times where you’ll have to re-examine your approach, resist the urge to hop around.

Be consistent in how you deliver your message. Changing your strategy constantly WILL crush your progress.

Why? Because you haven’t given it enough time to gain any traction.

If social media is what you do best, keep

doing it!

Is cold emailing your strength? Stick to it!

The point is, be consistent and your customers will come.

Where's the Value?

You've got something to sell, and customers hate sales pitches. Something has to give, right?

Yes, it does.

Your marketing strategy should show your prospects the value in what you do. Telling them is merely part of the equation.

What pain points do your products or services solve?

How do you differentiate yourself from customers?

Most importantly, how can you save customers their most valuable resource––time?

Addressing these pain points gives your sales pitch some teeth. By showing potential customers the value you have to offer, you will at the very least get them to consider you. Why? Because you haven't pressured them into a blind sale based purely off of lip-service with no substance behind it.

Show them the value in your marketing strategy, and they will show up for you.

What tools have implemented into your marketing strategy? Email me at chriscreativecontent@gmail.com. I'd love to hear your ideas!

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