• Chris Gadson

Do I Need To Write ALL THE TIME?

If You want to have a successful business, it's not an option. To write good content. It's a necessity!

Many business owners I've met are TERRIFIED at the thought of writing.

It could be because of

  • Poor grammar

  • Not being able to articulate ideas.

  • Or just not having enough time.

Type Writing for business

All of these are valid reasons why they wouldn't want to write.

But the challenge that I present them with is this scenario:

Imagine that you've somehow gotten lost at sea and stranded on an uninhabited island. What would you do?

Business writer lost at sea

You would get some sticks, rocks, or whatever else you could find, and you would start writing an S.O.S message or gather up some wood to burn a fire that's big enough to see for miles.

Your business works similarly.

Without a consistent writing stream, you're essentially lost at sea. No one knows you're out there and that you can solve their problems.

You've got to tell them!

Maybe you're thinking: "That's great, but I just don't have that much to say."

Sure you do!

You've got LOTS to say!

Are you introducing a new service? Tell your customers about it!

Do you want to share a heartwarming testimonial? Go for it!

(Those are a couple of freebies that you can take *wink*)

Your business is constantly moving, and you want your customers to roll with it.

If you want to use social media, blog posts, newsletters, email lists, etc., find what works best for you and write often.

#Businesswriting is just telling the story of your business as it unfolds.

Don't be afraid to tell it!

Until next time...