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Do I need a Blog for My Business?

Running a business has a lot of moving parts.

All these parts are comprised of the goal of attracting customers and making sales.

And then, it stops there.

The problem is that there is no sense of connection between the customer to the business.

The interaction is merely transactional, offering little substance.

You need a way to make your customers a part of your story, not just the people who buy things from you.

There are many ways that you can pull this off. Let's go through some of them.

Start a blog

I know what you're thinking: "I don't have time to write a blog! I've got employees to manage, orders to fill, and customers to please"

Yes, all of that is true. But the problem is that. Your customers don't get to see the humanity of your business.

Do they know how you started with just two employees in a small storefront, and now you've scaled up to have your building?

Are they aware of how you first got the idea for your business, or is your primary concern just getting them to buy your products and services?


As the adage goes:" People buy EMOTIONS."

Having a blog helps you to put those emotions on full display.

Think of it as a "business journal" of sorts, keeping your customers informed of the current events of your business, how they made you feel, and most importantly, how they are the key to all of it.

The Blog Brings Customers to the Forefront

This is where it gets tricky.

There's a fine line between writing a blog post that’s sales and self-centered and one that makes the customer a part of your story.

I've seen businesses that try their best to write engaging blog posts, but all that comes out is a longwinded version of the day's events, concluded with: " By the way, buy this new product."


The blog is a peek into the story of your business, why the customer should care, and how it affects them.

Does your blog hit on these three points?

If Blog Writing Isn't What You Want to Do


Now, writing a blog and keeping up with it can be time-consuming.

That's true.

But there are ways to bring your audience into your world that you have to do to stay on their minds.

The most obvious one: Social Media.

It's the fastest way to reach a broad audience.

But does it do the most effective job of connecting you to your audience?

You decide.

A Blog is a Chance at True Connection

While the digital age offers us more opportunities to connect than at any time in history, it has also caused us to create a lot of hollow interactions.

Simply put, people don't communicate as they used to.

How can having a blog help this?

It's simple.

The content you write in your blog is your customers' window into your mind and heart. It boils down to much more than the products and services you sell.

Your customers are getting a glimpse into who you are as the person behind the brand.

In this way, a blog reminds your customers that there are real live people on the other end of the screen, and it also reminds them that you're aware of their humanity.

No one wants to feel sold, but everyone needs to be understood.

A blog for your company proves to your customers that you want to connect with them way past their transactions.

You're looking to become a crucial part of their life as you bring them into your world.

The Final Word

So, there you have it.

Do you need a blog for your business?

It's up to you.

It offers a unique opportunity to connect with your customers on an intimate level intimately as you bring them into your world.

Is it a challenge to keep up with?

It can be.

But what is the point of attracting customers if you don't make them part of your story?

Makes no sense to me.

What does make sense, however, is giving it a shot.

If it isn't for you, that's fine.

It can't hurt to look for new ways to tell your story and make your customers part of it.

If you've got a story to tell but aren't sure how to get the word out, you could always get some outside help to write it for you.


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