• Chris Gadson

Writing for Your Business Isn't So Bad!

I've talked to many people since I first opened, and I would say that more than half of them are TERRIFIED at the thought of writing.


Is it because of bad spelling?

Poor grammar?

Is it not being able to articulate ideas?

Whatever the reason, good writing has been made way more complicated than it is.

If you do it right, you can even have some fun!

Turn Off The Robot

stop sounding robotic in your content writing

The temptation is for all of us to use big words to make us sound smart.

In reality, it makes it look ridiculous!

Think of it like this: when your customers visit your social media posts, do you think they'll be impressed by what you're selling or your ability to mimic a dictionary?

Take a guess...

Like I always say, BE HUMAN and TALK LIKE ONE!

Nobody wants to read something that feels like it was written by Skynet (sorry...bad joke).

Plan Ahead

Content Writing Planning

People can tell when your writing is rushed and thrown together. You'll babble on and on while saying nothing in the process, all in the name of just getting some content out.

Not good.

Be sure of what you want to talk about in advance.

Once a month, set aside about 3 hours to plan your topics for the month and outline them.

It's rare to hop up out of bed on a random day and write something that will bring in hot leads for you.

You've got to stay ahead of your content ideas, or you'll trip over yourself trying to get them all out.

Show Off A Little!

Nobody likes an arrogant (Fill in the blank)...

But as a business owner, I would encourage you to show off, but acceptably.

I'm talking about using your writing to show what you know!

After all, you wouldn't have gone into business if you weren't good at what you do, and people wouldn't walk through your door or call your phone if you didn't know what you were talking about.

Use your writing to put your knowledge on display.

Don't be bashful!

Check Your Work!

Check your content writing

I understand that putting your stuff out for the world to see can be intimidating.

But as you continue to develop your craft and master the other steps from above, you'll start to gain confidence...and more customers.

However, don't let this stop you from having someone look over your work.

I've seen many people write content only to take it down after a customer caught several errors.

Now that isn't very comfortable.

Check your work and be sure that it looks and sounds its best.

Whew....are you feeling better now?

I hope so!

Don't be intimidated to write content for your business.

Plan, be human, show your knowledge, and check your work.

Your content will be taking flight in no time.

Until next time!